Martin MAC2000’s are Gold

Posted on Monday, January 19th, 2009

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Shane Warne the Musical bills itself as a new breed of Aussie music theatre that smokes, drinks, carries a few extra kilos and still brings home the Ashes. Whatever the description, the show is packing in the punters at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre and is proving to be a great success.

Written and composed by Eddie Perfect, who plays the part of Shane Warne, the production is directed by Neil Armfield with sets by Brian Thomson and lighting by Damien Cooper. Production Management for the show is by Trafficlight whilst Chameleon Touring Systems has supplied the lighting.

The lighting includes six snazzy gold Martin MAC2000 Performances and two gold MAC2000 wash, 13 x MAC2000 Performance, 21 x Martin TW1, 3 x MAC2000 wash, over 100 x Source 4, 36 x Par 64 NSP, 4 x Par 63 MFL, 10 x MR16, 14 x 500w QI, 2 x UV fresnel, 2 x UV flood, 3 x Martin Atomic strobe, 4 x Molefay Duet, 8 x ACL bars and 2 x Robert Juliat Aramis 2.5K HMI. Set electrics include 7 x Cyberlight Turbo, 2 x AF1000 fans for ventilation of cyber lights, 1400 x Festoon, 4 x Star cloth Colour Changing LEDS. Control is a MA Lighting grandMA.

The team of Neil Armfield, Brian Thomson, and Damien Cooper also did the highly successful Keating! the Musical but whereas Keating! was the little show that could, Shane Warne is a big brash rock set with 1400 festoons, cyberlights in the floor, and side lighting towers dressed to look like trophies with gold Martin MAC2000 Performers on top. 

“Brian and I had talked about prop trophies on top of these side lighting towers and I suggested using gold moving lights” explained Damien Cooper. “I had seen some MAC700’s that Tony Davies at Chameleon had painted white. It was a beautiful automotive paint job. So we now have Toyota gold Mac2000 Performers and Washes!

“I am a big fan of the MAC2000 Performers; the FX wheel is such a great tool for creating movement on stage. Also in the rig are Martin TW1’s with their beautiful incandescent fragile light. The Martin Atomic 3000’s with scrollers get a huge workout.”

The grandMA controlling the show is very ably programmed by Martin Robert.

“He set the console up in XYZ thus allowing us to trackball all the TW1’s onto Eddie for Shine like Shane, a song where I wanted Eddie ten times brighter than everyone else on stage,” added Damien. “There are over 500 cues called by Diana Hume the stage manager.

“It really was a great show to work on. We were looked after superbly by Luke Cuthbertson of Chameleon Touring Systems as well as Kent Johnston and Hugh Carlton.”