Martin MAC Viper Profile — Biggest Pre-Sale Success in Martin’s History Now Shipping

Posted on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

With an exceptional feature set and highly efficient optical system that outperforms market-leading profiles in the 1,200W range, interest in this first moving head in the Viper family has been nothing less than fantastic, the company reports.

Martin CEO Christian Engsted comments, “We are ecstatic about the unprecedented feedback we have received on the Viper Profile. Never before in our history have we had such a success even before we started shipping. It is a testament to the success of our strategy to stay at the forefront of the industry. When we knew that this would be our last development of a new family of discharge-based moving heads, we decided to make it the best the industry has ever seen. This product seriously eclipses products above its class and redefines the standards for moving heads. It contains all of our accumulated knowledge over 25 years and we are confident it will be the new workhorse in the industry. The Viper family also marks a great end to the discharge technology and bridges perfectly to the LED era, most notably with our award-winning LED MAC Aura.”

The MAC Viper Profile houses a 1,000W HID source that the company says is convincingly brighter than 1,200W fixtures. It kicks out 26,000 lumens of light — flat and uniform — making it over 30% brighter than veteran 1,200W products. With a power consumption that is surprisingly low, the bottom line is an impressive 55% increase in efficiency.

With the Viper Profile there has been extra focus on light quality; it has an optical system that does not boost the color temperature of the lamp and where quality of white light is paramount. The combination of optical design and lamp choice has been the foundation for developing a fixture that is rich on colors without compromising light quality. The color mixing system offers a palette including true reds, rich ambers, primary green, and deep blues. Added color choice comes from an eight-slot color wheel. A linear CTO provides daylight to tungsten CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette.

The MAC Viper Profile also outdoes 1,200W fixtures in terms of speed and compactness. Housed in a slender, agile body, designers will be taken by the responsiveness of the dynamic effects and fast pan and tilt speed, the company suggests.

The MAC Profile Viper features the fat beam front lens that designers love. In fact the Viper Profile’s 140mm front lens exceeds that of any other fixture in this segment.

The Viper Profile houses a 1:5 zoom with auto-linked focus that is fast with gobo effects that hold a sharp focus through the entire zoom range and at varying throws.

The MAC Viper Profile houses two by five-slot rotating gobo wheels (glass gobos) with optimal focal separation for morphing effects. A patent-pending effect wheel provides an additional four fixed gobos and 135-degree animation effect. For further effect possibilities, a frost filter can be engaged that leaves gobo artwork with a beautiful soft edge.

Beams can be further manipulated using the MAC Viper Profile’s all-in-one dimmer and shutter system for instant blackout or smooth fades all the way to blackout, as well as a fast and tight iris with adjustable dynamic effects. Diverse strobe effects using mechanical or electronic control, or in combination, is possible, and a four-facet prism gives real beam separation with rotation and index control for dynamic effects and accurate tiling.

“We set the bar extremely high when we decided to develop the MAC Viper,” says Martin product manager Peter Skytte. “Knowing the skill level of our R&D team, I saw no reason to be modest. It is no secret that it takes more than a small increment to make a real dent in the market. From start to finish, fantastic drive and excellent teamwork has resulted in a new light that exceeds everyone’s expectations — not only when it comes to output, performance, quality, size, etc., but also its very aggressive price point. I’m very proud to be a part of that team.”

Martin’s Viper family will encompass a complete series of automated fixtures in multiple variants: MAC Viper Profile, MAC Viper AirFX, MAC Viper Wash, and MAC Viper Performance.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology