Martin MAC Quantum Profiles go to the Zoo

Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2018

EI Productions took delivery of eight Martin MAC Quantum Profiles which immediately went to the zoo for two months!

“We’ve been looking at Martin MAC Quantum Profiles for a while now and finally the time was right for us to make our first purchase of these remarkable LED Fixtures.

“We did an A / B test in our factory against a Martin MAC Viper Profile and decided we very much liked their brightness / light output plus the colours and gobos were also very impressive,” commented Neale Mace, managing director of EI Productions. “The Quantum appeared to hold its own in brightness against a MAC Viper in both OW and colours.

“Not only is it close, in our opinion, to the output of a MAC Viper, it is also much lighter, smaller and LED based – so there wasn’t much not to like.”

Neale further remarked that the Martin MAC Quantum is also on lighting riders, so as they were looking for new profile fixtures, the Martin MAC Quantum was almost a no-brainer for them.

The first eight units went straight onto the Twilight at Taronga concert series (twenty shows at Taronga Zoo across Feb / Mar) and so far they look amazing and have performed flawlessly.

“As usual, Show Technology, from their new Italian Embassy premises, provided a flawless, efficient service in getting the units out to us,” said Neale.

Pictured are the MAC Quantums in action at the Neil and Liam Finn show held last weekend at Taronga. Lighting the show was Bryce Mace who had four Quantums on the mid truss and four on the rear.

“Being an LED fixture, they’re ideal for Taronga Zoo because once the rig is up, it stays up and with Quantums we know we won’t have to get to the rig to change lamps,” said Bryce. “They’re also good power wise as we also only have two 3-phase to use.

“Against the MAC Viper, I’d say they’re the same if not brighter. It was the first time I’ve ever used the Quantums and they were awesome!”

Also in the Taronga Zoo rig were MAC Auras, MAC700 Wash, Claypaky Stormys, ShowProLED Fresnels and some 4-lites, all driven by a grandMA2.