Martin MAC 401 Dual offers flexibility

Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The Martin Professional MAC 401 Dual is a versatile LED moving head washlight with a double-sided design that gives it flexible dual functionality, for example as a double washlight or beam reflective mirror.

The MAC 401 Dual’s advanced wash characteristics combine with a host of other useful features like fast zoom and individual LED segment control to add a new and inventive element to touring and rental applications, TV shows, corporate events, night-time venues and leisure environments, says the company.

36 new, multi-colour, single-point source LEDs produce “an outstanding colour quality”. The 401 Dual’s innovative colour mixing system fully blends colours at the source before they leave each lens so that individual source colours are not seen. This eliminates the problem of rainbow shadows and the messy multi-colour lens looks of traditional LED fixtures. Additionally, LEDs are calibrated at the factory for colour consistency across fixtures.

The MAC 401 Dual is a bright and powerful LED washlight with up to 6,600 lumens of power. The LEDs are efficient and boast a long 50,000 hour lifetime. A large lens face produces a refreshingly novel broad beam look.

The MAC 401’s beam angle is speedy to adjust via a fast linear zoom for spreads from hypermode tight to a wide wash. Zooming from wide to hypermode takes less than 0.5 seconds.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology