Martin MAC 401 Dual CT Zoom Versatile White Light Source

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2011

The Martin Professional MAC 401 Dual CT Zoom is a versatile white light source wash luminaire with fast zoom. It is also available as a module that easily fits onto either side of Martin’s dual-sided MAC 401 Dual RGB Zoom fixture, creating a white light or colour plus white light source.

The company says the MAC 401 CT Zoom only delivers more light of a quality that is better than traditional RGB LED fixtures, making it suitable for highlighting skin tones or textiles for television, theatre, film sets, fashion and car shows, and other events.

Colour temperature is adjustable between warm and cold (3,000 – 7,000K), useful in matching colour temperatures when working alongside tungsten fixtures or in theatre and television applications. The LEDs are fully dimmable and are colour temperature calibrated for excellent consistency across fixtures.

A unique large lens face produces a refreshingly novel broad beam look, the company says. The distinctive wider beam has a brilliant appearance mid-air and gives a fresh look to any show or event.

The MAC 401’s beam angle is speedy to adjust via a fast linear zoom. Spreads from hypermode tight to a wide wash take less than 0.5 seconds.

For television and theatre settings, a silent mode option virtually eliminates fan use for extended periods for noise-free operation. And for television and film, the LEDs give completely flicker-free looks on camera.

High speed pan and tilt motors generate quick acceleration with smooth, accurate movement. A special fast mode setting boosts pan/tilt speed when needed.

The MAC 401 Dual’s 36 lenses are grouped into four equal segments, each segment with individual colour temperature and intensity control. A host of built-in effects allows for a variety of different looks fast. For further effects options, an accessory gel frame holder allows users to insert frost filters or other custom filters.

Highly efficient, power consumption is much lower than with traditional tungsten wash lights. And because the LEDs only draw power when light is emitted and only at the level needed, the 401 Dual provides enormous energy savings over HID fixtures that run continuously at full power regardless of light level. Other benefits include greater reliability and less maintenance for a lower cost of ownership.
Australian distributor: Show Technology