Martin, MA and ELC for Burswood’s Astral Ballroom

Posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

The Astral Ballroom at Burswood Entertainment Complex in Perth is a venue of unsurpassed sophistication and excellence in Australia. Boasting luxurious finishes of onyx, stone, leather and the rich tones of gold and chocolate timber, it is a venue that can’t help but impress.

With its’ opulent décor, contemporary design and state-of-the art technology, the ballroom is a standout venue for corporate and private events.

Since opening nearly two years ago, the Astral has received much praise for its fifteen custom made LED chandeliers that can create a myriad of special effects. And whilst these are impressive features, infrastructure such as patching was put in place for a more comprehensive and versatile lighting system.

Finally this system has been installed upon the specification of the in-house audio visual company Staging Connections and, like all of their other major venues around the country, they turned to Show Technology. As a result a lighting package that includes seventy-six Martin MX-10 Extreme scanners, one MA Lighting NSP, an ELC Node 8 and a full-size MA Lighting grandMA console has been installed.

“The MX-10’s are the standard, preferred lighting fixture for all of our venues like this,” stated Matthew Gibbons, Technical Director at Staging Connections Perth. “In fact we probably have a couple of thousand of them spread around the country! Show Technology gives us good buying power and great back up. Plus the MX-10 is a great light with good colours and gobos. Also they’re a fast moving mirror fixture as opposed to a moving head which means they hide in the ceiling better. They’re a good shade of grey too which means they fit well into the décor.”

In the Astral Ballroom the MX-10’s are used for washing the room with light, lighting up tables, stage lighting and dance floor lighting. The MX-10 is a powerful 250 W discharge scanner with twelve replaceable colours, eight interchangeable indexed-rotating gobos and a 3-facet prism for brilliant effects.

A grandMA was chosen for control as it is such a stable system and well known by the Staging Connections crew.

“We’ve had a grandMA at the convention centre for five years and it has proven to be very stable and reliable,” said Matthew. “We’re trying to make the grandMA the console of choice in all of our venues.”