Martin M1 takes to the sky for Sky Works 2011

Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011


Sky Works is a spectacular event held in Perth for Australia Day and it is opened by a helicopter flying a 100ft Australian flag over the Swan River. As in past years, Perth Audiovisual was contracted to light the flag from within the confines of another helicopter flying thirty metres away.

To do this, PAV utilized two Martin MAC2000 Performance controlled by a Martin M1 console complete with a UPS power supply.

“I believe this must be a world first for Martin with an M1 console and MAC2000’s operating from a helicopter!” declared Mike Bird, PAV’s operations manager.

All testing and test flights were conducted on the night before with Mike reporting that all of the Martin gear functioning perfectly.

“We have had a Martin M1 console on demo from Show Technology over our busy period as we were in the market for a new moving light console,” he explained. “After having used the M1 on a few events it appears we have found our desk of choice! The M1 console was the perfect console to use to track the flag and its’ ability to make presets for position, lamp strike and beam on the touch screen made life for our operator in the helicopter very easy.”

Unfortunately Mother Nature intervened and on the actual night of the Sky Works the fly over was aborted due to the fact that high winds caused the flag on the other helicopter to twist on takeoff making the stunt too dangerous.

“But all of the Martin gear functioned perfectly!” laughed Mike.