Martin M1 for Alive Entertainment in Tassie

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012

Lighting designer Stefan Wronski had an ideal introduction to the Martin M1 lighting console when he toured with Guy Sebastian in support of Lionel Richie last year. Lionel’s lighting designer Joel Young played a crucial role in the development of the M1 – in fact he stars in the Martin Youtube training videos. Joel took the time to show Stefan just what over a decade of console development at Martin produced! Naturally, Stefan was highly impressed.

Stefan, who works freelance, was delighted when local production company Alive Entertainment purchased an M1 console for their hire department and since the acquisition he has used the M1 on many events in his native Tasmania.

There is no doubt that the M1 console has set new standards in simplicity for a full featured console. With the full power of a larger console and the agility of a smaller one, it is undoubtedly the most affordable full-featured lighting console on the market.

“What I like most about the M1 is the layout and the syntax because I have always used Hogs in the past and they have similarities,” explained Stefan. “In fact the M1 is really easy to find your way around especially if you’re used to Hogs. It’s been designed so that anyone with half a brain can jump on to get stuff happening!”

Stefan describes the effects engine as pretty cool stating that he loves to play around with it.

“The timing is very good on the M1 too and the off set timing is really easy,” he added.