Martin M1 console controls in-flight entertainment at Air

Posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2012


Perth’s Rise nightclub has had a spectacular transformation emerging as Air Nightclub. The club has an aviation theme to it, with three bars located across two floors catering for up to 450 people.

The main dance floor is located downstairs, featuring a DJ booth complete with the latest in lighting, smoke machine and LED display technology, and framed by two large replica airplane turbines.

The second floor is home to a cocktail lounge decked out with designer seating and leathered walls, nicknamed “first-class” by the bar team.

Their promo spiel says “Come up for Air. Take a deep breath, step aboard and prepare to be blown away. From the stylish design and elegant décor, to the friendly and efficient service from our skilled cabin crew, Air offers a unique experience that is dedicated to being the best. Outstanding in-flight entertainment delivered through state of the art technology will delight the senses while our unrivalled commitment to safety confirms Air as your ultimate after-dark destination.”

Anthony Littlewood-Johnson (AKA – AJ), proprietor of The Max Company who supplied the lighting to the venue, had just completed Martin M1 training when specifying equipment for the club and as he had been blown away by the console, he highly recommended it.

“The M1 console ticked all of the boxes,” he said. “We’re using media servers, there are enough playbacks, the effects engine works well and it has some spectacular capabilities. The hardware of the console gives us plenty of flexibility in the busking environment of a nightclub. Plus it was the right price!”

AJ further describes the M1 console as very stable and he is excited about the impending software upgrade.

“It seems that every time we’ve gone to do something on the M1 we’ve managed to easily figure out how to do it with the aid of the forum or by talking to Simon Barrett at Show Technology,” added AJ. “In fact, the support has been excellent from Show Technology. If we request a feature to Simon, he immediately puts it forward – it’s not like it’s a closed shop.”

Most of the time, AJ runs a service department and recently an M1 console came in feeling a bit sick as it had been given an unwanted beer. Pulling it apart in order to fix it, AJ was quick to notice what a well manufactured console it was.

Riordan Hall-Jones operates the M1 console in the club and he states that he loves the simplicity of it.

“I’ve had lots of experience with other lighting consoles so the M1 straight away made sense and was so easy to get started with,” he commented. “The simplicity of the effects engine is awesome and the power of the update function is pretty good.”