Martin M1 console and SCX700 scanners for Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

For several years, Perth-based AV Partners has been tending to all audio visual requirements of the popular Esplanade Hotel Fremantle.

The Hotel’s Southern Cross Gala Ballroom is an impressive 800 sqm pillarless venue with a 6m high ceiling and as AV Partner’s ongoing commitment to their client the ballroom has recently been equipped with seventy Martin SCX700 scanners. The SCX700 features crisp rotating gobos, a broad selection of colours and a fast strobe effect making it ideal for the wide variety of events held in this venue.

“I know that Martin always produce a good product,” said Kris Licari of AV Partners. “We’re also the in-house AV provider at the Perth Convention Centre where we’ve been using Martin MX10 scanners and we’ve been very happy with them. I asked Show Technology to recommend the ideal pin spot product for the venue and they suggested the Martin SCX700 scanner.”

The seventy SCX700 scanners are spread out evenly across the Ballroom’s ceiling from where they can impressively pin spot tables for a full ballroom dinner set up of up to fifty-five tables. The remaining SCX700 scanners would be used for dance floor effects or for lighting a band.

To control the Ballroom’s lighting Kris decided upon the Martin M1 console whose full-feature, all-in-one capability yet simple platform and small footprint, not to mention low price tag, has made it a popular new option in Australia.

 “My guys have been very impressed by the Martin M1 console,” commented Kris. “I was a bit concerned initially as a lot of our guys are only used to operating Hogs or a grandMA’s however I soon discovered that if you can operate those consoles, then the M1 is no problem. In fact it’s very easy to operate.”