Martin M1 console and MAC250 Entours a rare sighting at ALS

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Audio and Lighting Services of Melbourne has boosted the technology in their hire department with the addition of a Martin M1 console as well as twelve Martin MAC250 Entour moving head profiles.

“We needed to update and move with technology and the Martin M1 is right up there,” commented Lou Constantinou, ALS’ managing director. “Initially I was attracted to the features offered in the M1 particularly the touch screen and the four universes which we have extended with an Ether2DMX8 to enable eight additional universes. It’s just a really flexible console and for what the M1 console can do, it is really great value for money”

Unfortunately, since purchasing the console two months ago, Lou has not had the opportunity to discover anymore of the M1’s fabulous features due to the fact he’s hardly seen it!

“It’s constantly out on hire,” he said. “I think it’s only been in the warehouse for about two days.”

Lou’s MAC 250 Entours have also been in high demand. With two gobo wheels, a colour wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus, this brilliant, feature rich profile is a winner for hire companies.

“We’ve found that we can do most of our work with the MAC250 Entours,” remarked Lou. “It’s the one fixture that can do everything for us so it’s great!”