Martin LC Panels join the Family

Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


Hailed as one the best nightclubs in Australia and two time winner of Australia’s prestigious ‘Nightclub of the Year’ Award, Family in Brisbane is a dynamic venue that even after years of operating is still a hot destination for clubbers.

One of the ways the club keeps fresh is by investing in new technology and their latest acquisition of ten Martin LC Panels has delivered amazing versatility for the venue’s production manager Matt Smith. Matt is actually production manager for all of the Katarzyna Group’s venues including Cloudland and the Empire.

”I have always liked Martin products particularly as they’re such a reliable brand,” he said. “We hired some LC Panels in for a few shows and I really liked them so we bought some! They go together really quickly, they’re amazingly light and I love their transparency. And of course they’re very bright – we don’t ever run them anywhere near 100%. Basically it’s a very easy product to use.”

The versatility of the LC Panel plus its lightness – you only need one person to carry it – is great for people like Matt who always has time constraints.

”It’s a good product for moving around and is very quick to set up which is great as I like to experiment with them,” he said. “I like to change the room around every few weeks and it’s not difficult to do with the LC Panels.”

Initially Matt composed the LC Panels into one 4 metre x 5 metre screen but since then he has created several set ups with them including five 4 metre x 1 metre strips, a circle in the middle of the room and next he is aiming to make a ceiling out of them.

”It’s great because we can do all these crazy set ups with the LC Panels but when a promoter comes in and says he wants one big screen it’s not too hard to do,” added Matt. “I like to place lights, such as strobes and molefays, behind the LC Panels to take advantage of their transparency. I’ve also placed smoke machines behind them which looked really cool.”

Matt reports that the VJ’s at Family love the LC Panels using ArKaos MediaMaster video software to create stunning visuals with ease.