Martin LC Panels in fashion

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2008

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The David Jones Summer Collection was launched in Melbourne and Sydney recently with a fabulous lighting design by Hugh Taranto that incorporated Martin LC Panels into the flooring The venue in Sydney was the Royal Hall of Industries whilst in Melbourne it was the Town Hall.

The David Jones event team was keen to utilize a video effect and initially they looked at a variety of video screens and such options. But problems arose with how the screens would be supported, their weight plus cooling difficulties. However the Martin LC Panels were perfect in shape and size to fit into the standard staging fixture plus they were light and very easy to install into the design.

The stage consisted of a thirty-metre, Perspex catwalk made out of Staging Rentals new LE deck, and the look continued to the back of the stage almost as if the catwalk was climbing the wall for six metres. The large screens on either side, supplied by TDC, displayed the main imagery with the catwalk used for colour and textured that complimented.

A total of thirty-one LC Panels, supplied by Cairellie, were used in Sydney with twenty in Melbourne where the catwalk was shorter. The media fed through them was supplied by the David Jones creative team headed by Mike Mizrahi.

“The LC Panels give you so much more creative freedom as a lighting designer,” said Hugh. “They were perfect for this job as it meant that the light was coming from a much larger source than a small point source as even without running media content, they provide a great colour wash. It meant that the top lighting wasn’t influencing it too much.

The LC Panels are a great product for what the client was after and more cost effective than using some of the other LED screen options they were initially looking at. The way they could be implemented into the catwalk really met their creative needs.”

The rig lighting was mostly Source IV pars with barn doors for the catwalk as well as Source IV profiles for audience lighting. Martin MAC700’s were used in the pre-show and after-show area as well as some LED fixtures. These were all supplied by Bytecraft.