Martin LC Panels cut through the daylight for Sneaky Sound System

Posted on Monday, August 11th, 2008

For years lighting designers have feared the day time, outdoor gig. Many wondered what was the point of any lighting? Usually if there was a decent lighting rig, it was there for the act that was due on after sunset and anyone performing prior just had to make do.

But with today’s high output LED lighting this has all begun to change especially with the Martin LC Panels. Not only do they act as a back light source, they can provide colour, pattern, movement and fabulous eye candy for day time productions especially those that are being filmed.

The recent performance by Sneaky Sound System on Channel 7’s Sunrise programme was a prime example that had many people talking. A stage was built ‘in the plaza’ for the band to perform two songs that were broadcast live. The Entertainment Installations crew of Bryce Mace (programmer/operator) and Christian Yanni (LX rigger) worked closely with the Sunrise crew to produce a simple yet effective rig that the cameras just loved.

Key to the rig were the Martin LC Panels (Entertainment Installations recently purchased four more Panels to expand the four they already had) that provided a kaleidoscope of coloured light and pattern behind the band whilst sixteen Kupo MultiPARs provided side light. Despite being filmed in the day, the LC Panels still shone brightly and were highly visible on camera and from all areas of the Plaza. It has to be said that Martin LC Panels have certainly added a whole new dimension to outdoor gigs and this summer, we should see them being utilized extensively on music festivals and concerts.

See live footage of the concert at