Martin LC Panels behind the Pussycat Dolls

Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2008

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Ford Live! is a yearly cocktail party run by Ford Australia which raises funds through ticket sales for the National Breast Cancer Foundation to be used to fund breast cancer research. This year, the Pussycat Dolls, the group who everyone wishes their girlfriend was hot like, and Amy Pearson performed at Melbourne’s QBH club.

Alex Saad was called upon to turn everything pink changing the venues’ existing exterior lighting pink as well as the inhouse lighting. For the performances on an extended club stage, Alex hired in twelve Martin MAC700 profiles and eight MAC250 Entours from Phaseshift Productions and eight Martin LC Panels from Group Production Services.

“I absolutely love using the MAC700’s.” stated Alex. “They’re a versatile lamp, not too heavy, have great rotating gobos, the colours in the colour slots are good with correction in it for when you want to use them for television ……. pretty much a good little workhorse!”

Alex used the MAC250 Entours to the side of the stage whilst the LC Panels formed the backdrop.

“I’ve used the LC Panels quite a bit recently and they’re fantastic,” he said “People are always coming up to me and asking me what their pitch is. Usually they think it must be 10 or 16 mm and when I say it’s 40 mm they’re always surprised at how good and bright they are. In fact, they’re really too bright in a club situation; I had to turn them down to 30% – 40%.”

Other than the one Pussycat Dolls logo, no content was supplied by the band and the only brief Alex received was to make the show ‘bright and flashy’.

“I always ask the question is there anything they don’t want,” said Alex. “And the reply was no, just make it bright and flashy with a bit of a ballyhoo at the beginning.”

Just a couple of days earlier, the Dolls performed an outdoor show in the plaza for Sunrise and again Martin LC Panels were used as a backdrop. This time, the Panels were supplied by Entertainment Installations with Bryce Mace at the controls.