Martin LC Panels – a powerful new tool for Resolution X clients

Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Resolution X is excited to announce the addition of Martin LED LC Panels to their hire department. “It has taken 6 months of market research, but we are excited to add this new product to our inventory,” says Tim Hall.

Being the first to hold hire stock in Melbourne has meant the panels have been extremely busy. They have already been in use on The Logie Awards, Wheel of Fortune, The Footy Show (pictured) and numerous corporate events.

As part of the purchase Resolution X has now added fibre optic DVI links, DVI splitters, LCD monitors, quality DVI cables and all rigging accessories.

“The LC Panels give a powerful new tool to our clients,” added Tim. “The feedback from clients who have used them has been fantastic and I can only see the demand growing for this product.”