Martin launches Martin MAC 301 Wash

Posted on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The Martin MAC 301 Wash is an LED moving head washlight with a powerfully fast zoom and impressive zoom range. Designed for a variety of settings including rental applications, television use and night-time venues, it is capable of producing a wide range of exceptional colours from rich saturated shades to uniform pastels through the entire zoom range, says the company.

The MAC 301 Wash’s zoom provides beam angle control from 13 – 36° for more accurate and flexible design possibilities, and the fixture’s RGB colour mixing is maintained through the entire zoom range.

The fixture’s 108 LEDs produce a bright and well-defined beam. With LEDs arrayed in a high density design, a more even blending of colours is achieved.

A principal feature of the MAC 301 Wash is its RGB colour mixing system. The full spectrum system combines with the optical system to produce a wide range of vibrant saturated colours and subtle pastels. A range of mixed shades from cool to warm is also possible.

For increased colour possibilities, the MAC 301 includes an electronic 7 colour + white color wheel rotation effect with snap, blackout or dimmer fade at each colour change.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology