Martin introduces versatile DMX router

Posted on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Martin Professional has introduced the Ether2DMX8, a DMX router and much more. As a DMX router, the Ether2DMX8 translates Artnet protocol into DMX in/out universes but can also be used as a DMX merger, DMX splitter hub, fail safe device, cue playback, and DMX viewer monitor, says the company.

The Ether2DMX8 uses the Artnet protocol and can therefore be used to interface with any third party product that can interface with Artnet. It can also be used to merge incoming DMX lines with other DMX outputs.

It can store up to 99 cues that can be linked together for playback with fade time and hold time. Cues can be triggered remotely and a cue can be assigned as a fail-safe mode (if the incoming Artnet signal was to be lost, the device would automatically enable the cue). Another helpful use of the cue is to link it to a building’s alarm system.

The Ether2DMX8 can be remotely controlled via a webpage. All functionality of the device can be changed, saved and even uploaded to other Ether2DMX8 devices on the same network. Configuration settings can also be saved to file and applied to other devices later on.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology