Martin Introduces Easypix, Simple LED Striplight Solution

Posted on Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Easypix by Martin Professional is a modular, plug-and-play LED striplight designed to enhance interior spaces in a wide variety of applications. It is built for ultimate ease-of-use with full spectrum RGB color mixing, a choice of diffuser lenses, and an exceptionally easy means of installation.

Easypix is exceptionally bright compared to similar products in its range with an RGB color mixing system that excels at producing saturated colors.

Four easy-to-swap beam options are available — very narrow, narrow, medium, and wide – and an attractive design allows Easypix to blend inconspicuously into existing architecture.

Easypix is available in two lengths – 1′ and 4′ — for greater design flexibility and is simple to assemble and set up. Multiple units can be daisy chained via RJ 45 connectors and Easypix can easily be clicked onto any standard 35mm DIN top-hat rail, limiting installation and set-up time.

Easypix includes multiple control options (RGB and HSI) for simple to comprehensive control. Sixty-four ready-to-go stand-alone programs provide for ultimate ease of use.

Built for simplicity with a price tag that reflects its straightforward design, Easypix has been engineered to Martin’s high quality standards with little to no service needed.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology