Martin in the Pink!

Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The Pink Funhouse Tour is currently winding its way around the country half a dozen times as she plays a record breaking 58 shows. With a stunning set designed by Mark Fisher and show direction/lighting by Baz Halpin, the show is a roller coaster ride of visual treats.

Trent O’Connor, ex pat and one-time Bytecraft employee who has resided in London for several years, is operating the lighting for the entire world tour using his favourite console – a Martin Maxxyz.

”I believe that the Maxxyz is basically what the Hog 3 should have been,” commented Trent. “It’s easy to program, the cloning on it is brilliant and just operating it is really easy. Everything is laid out in front of you.”

Trent went on to say how he particularly favours the surface layout of the console which makes programming such a breeze.

“All you have to do is click and type to change any value. It’s simple. It’s not as many button presses to do what you want. It’s powerful and fast. You can run a lot of universes of it so it’s ideal to run a big show like this.”

Trent pointed out that the double processors now installed in the Maxxyz make the speed of it fantastic.

Trent regularly supplies Martin with feedback on the console and being a company that listens, Martin takes his comments seriously. In fact Trent reports that Martin is currently working on some of his suggestions.

Also in the show are Martin MAC2000 washes which Trent describes as a reliable light that are great for touring as they never seem to break. Martin Atomic 3000’s, the best strobes in the world according to Trent, are also in the rig.