Martin goes out with Delta

Posted on Friday, February 20th, 2009

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Australian songstress Delta Goodrem has returned to the stage for her Believe Again national tour performing hits from her career and current album Delta.

Alex Saad was her lighting designer using a rig supplied by Phaseshift Productions including 26 x Martin MAC700 profiles, 24 x MAC700 washes, 8 x MAC2000 and 12 x Martin LC Panels.

“There were no real prerequisites but I did have a long talk with Delta and she gave me some general ideas as to what she wanted,” said Alex. “It was more of a feel for what she wanted not specifics. She is pretty creative and has the big picture in her head. Generally she wanted nothing hard-edged but all soft and that conveyed through to the lighting.”

The truss system comprised of six ‘fingers’ spreading over the stage and each truss piece held MAC700 profiles and washes. These enabled Delta to be clearly seen at all times. The front truss held the MAC2000’s. More MAC700 washes and spots were situated on the floor.

The LC Panels, used to get away from the standard video set up, were arranged behind a white cyc in a five and seven format. The white cyc softened their presence and hard edges whilst also acting as a projection surface for some 12K projectors.

Content run through the LC Panels was generic looks that Alex had created over time. Behind the white cyc and then the LC Panels was a star curtain.

Phaseshift lighting crew included Crew Chief Jeremy Nolan, and Systems Techs Troy Brown and Rob Oswold.