Martin FlexDOT offers unlimited options

Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2009

Martin Professional’s new FlexDOT S1, LED video displays are fully customisable and DMX512 controllable. These bright and lightweight strings of LED pixels allow for the creation of customised video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort, says the company.

The FlexDOT concept is simple – individually controlled, intelligent, full colour pixels mounted on a flexible cable that allows designers/architects to create unique and customized LED video displays. Each pixel (dot) consists of a bright RGB LED driven by its own processor and individually addressable for independent control of colour, special effects, and animation. Pixels can be arranged as needed and later mapped to the image using pixel mapping software. FlexDOT can be controlled from any DMX512 source such as Martin’s Maxedia media server.

Standard pixel spacing is 100 mm or 200 mm with each FlexDOT string comprising 100 pixels. A string of FlexDOTs can in fact extend to 120 pixels. The string can be cut into any desired length or number of pixels. Custom pixel spaced strings are available to order.

FlexDOT is light and requires substantially less supporting hardware than conventional LED display solutions. The flexible cable mounting gives a high degree of creative freedom and an IP66 rating in combination with a wide operating temperature range means that it can be used in virtually any environment, even outdoors. A range of accessories is available for mounting, driving and optically modifying FlexDOT to perfectly fit any application.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology