Martin and Pulsar for the New Brighton Hotel

Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2011


Located on the shores of Manly Beach, one of Sydney’s premier beaches, the New Brighton Hotel sets the benchmark for what Manly’s entertainment, event and bar scene has to offer.

Positioned on Manly Corso, overlooking Manly and Shelly Beaches, the New Brighton Hotel is a stunning four level Hotel with views and décor ensuring a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere.

The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group) engaged the services of Cadence Australia, Fugen Constructions, Altis Architects, @ qubed design and AV & Electrical to create a multi level hospitality venue that not only functions with operational efficiency, but is also a market leader in interior design and finishes that create a look and feel appealing to a broad range of customer preferences.

Owen Peters from AV & Electrical admits that the venue has not been the easiest from a design point of view due to the layout and ceiling heights, as well as noise restrictions placed on the venue. However, with these restrictions his team has been able to come up with an AV solution that makes the venue a cut above the rest but still be able to blend it in with the overall design.

“It caters for all patrons by providing a flexible system using modern technology, whilst still being user friendly for management and staff,” said Owen. “

The second floor of the venue houses Sharkbar, a dark and moody space with exposed brickwork, some very funky pieces of furniture that reflect the industrial seaside brief. Into this area AV & Electrical has installed six Martin MAC101 LED moving heads and four Martin MX10 Extreme’s, two of which are used to project a stunning shark image around the venue, and some Pro Shop LED strip lighting around the perimeter.

“The Pro Shop LED strip lighting is broken up into four sections for flexibility,” explained Owen. “For example, each section can be a different colour or they can slowly fade into each other.”

The MAC101 fixtures are placed three either length of the room and they were chosen for their energy efficiency as well as being the ideal fixture for such a low ceiling.

“They’ve got a lot of punch for the size of them,” commented Owen. “They’re also simple to program and low maintenance. THE MX1-‘s are great for throwing shapes around the room as well as giving the dance floor a little bit more whilst still avoiding the height issues.

Control is by a Martin LightJockey2 which works off a touch screen behind the DJ booth.

“The LightJockey2 is very easy to use once it has been programmed,” said Own. “We decided to go with touch screens so they can have pre-programmed presets on each level activated by a quick touch of the screen.”

A total of twenty-eight Pulsar Chroma LED downlights have been installed around the perimeter of the cocktail bar on level 1. Four more Martin MAC101 LED moving heads are also in this area where they are particularly stunning casting colour onto the façade of the white bar.

“This gives us the flexibility to be able to change the room colour and feel without going overboard,” added Owen.