Marquee Nightclub makes a few changes

Posted on Friday, October 19th, 2012

Part of The Star’s $870 million redevelopment, Marquee Sydney opened with much fanfare in March but a few months down the track and there have already been a few technical changes instigated by production manager Adam Ward.

Adam Ward is managing director of Full Throttle Entertainment which specializes in the technical operation of high end nightclubs. Full Throttle began in Las Veags in 1999 before opening an Australian office last October.

Adam decided to change the Marquee’s lighting controller a Martin M1 console to a MA2 lite console, a platform he has had much experience with.

“The M1 is a great console and is extremely capable but we were getting to the point where we needed more touch screen access as we operate the lighting in a very hands-on manner as opposed to running a chase or cuelist and just letting it play,” he explained. “We like to play the lights along with the music and the MA gives us more instantaneous access. You can have one touch screen set up just for lights and another set up for video only; more instantaneous access to the features we want.”

The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size. The grandMA2 light is the perfect tool to control all kinds of lighting genres like conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video and media and supplies an intuitive and fast control of all connected fixtures and channels. The grandMA2 light can handle an almost infinite number of presets, cues, pages, sequences and effects.

Also new to the venue is the GLP Volkslicht Zoom fixture which combines the best technology features with the footprint and weight of a small and unobtrusive fixture.

“There were not many wash fixtures over the dance floor, mainly profile fixtures and I thought we needed to add the washes to the mix,” commented Adam. “The GLP fixtures are great. Currently we have them as a moveable fixture in the venue so they’re not hung from the same place all the time. By moving them around the venue we are always updating the look.”

Being small and light means the GLP Volkslicht Zoom has immense speed with the pan and tilt moving at incredibly fast speeds, almost enough to match the solid state LED’s themselves.

“They are amazing for their price point as they give you a zoom-able wash so you can do a wide angle shot or narrow your beam; makes a really good punch or accent effect,” he added. “You can use zoom as a punch effect from wide beam to narrow beam and it looks really cool in time to the music.”

The GLP Volkslicht Zoom has a motorized zoom, changing its beam size from 10 to 26 degrees, whilst maintaining a strong output. The Volkslicht Zoom uses 60 Luxeon Rebel LED’s in an RGB configuration to give a broad mixing palette of colours from its primary saturates, through to the more subtle pastel shades.