Mark Hammer delivers Local Produce

Posted on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Mark Hammer has been keeping busy with the team at MTV involved in a series of records for a segment called Local Produce which showcases new music from emerging and established local talent. Mark is the lighting designer and director and is assisted by Luken Smyth who operating the lighting console.

The initial brief was for a dominant cyc look with lighting elements that could be used as set elements as well as lighting fixtures.  The set is lighting based with about ½ dozen large old style 10kw fresnels scattered over the stage. In to the mix Mark has thrown some ParACLs, gobos and some pendant fixtures with large clear globes attached.

“With each act elements are swapped and added both in the lighting and staging,” commented Mark Hammer. “Recent additions include some VL2500 Profiles. While the theme is not genre driven we have been able to keep the look consistent. We have had a variety of artist including 360, Timomatic and Sam Sparro.”