Mandylights in the Domain

Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2008

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The Mandylights team have spent a lot of time in Sydney’s Domain – part of the Royal Botanic Gardens – in the last few months, lighting two large but very different projects.

Christmas in New York

Just before Christmas, Mandylights designed lighting and technically produced a lavish corporate Christmas party that recreated a cold Christmas in New York in the middle of Sydney in summer. With different themed areas – one of which included an ice rink, snow machines and 200 live Christmas trees – Richard’s design called for a huge assortment of fixtures and practical fittings. The event looked spectacular and was also the Vari*Lite 3500 Wash’s debut in Sydney after they were specced to light up the ice rink.

Field Day

On New Year’s Day, Richard, Dan and Mike returned to the Domain to design and operate Fuzzy’s Field Day – a dance music event for some 50,000 partygoers including four stages of live music. The main stage design featured a very cool archway of truss made up of 30x Atomic Strobes with scrollers and 30x Molefay blinders. A bunch of Syncrolites and 6k Dominator Effects on stage ensured that nobody would be complaining about the lack of light anywhere on the site, while 32x Mac700 profiles and washes were hung in the grid above stage.

A few hundred metres away, Dan Mercer operated the Buzzy Freaks Stage which featured 32 randomly hung LED tubes as well as an assortment of moving lights and zip strips. Mike Gearin completed the live operator team over at the Killer Stage.

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