Manager, Theatrical Lighting & Production + Film & Television Production

Posted on Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Active Lighting and Next Vision are looking for a General Manager to join their team. These two companies operate out of the one premises in Huntingdale and although they are stand alone companies they work very closely hand in hand on many projects. The owners are looking for a Manager to oversee the general workings of the two Companies and to act as liaison between the two.

The role entails a variety of responsibilities:

  1. Managing the current dedicated team of staff both full time and casuals
  2. Overseeing staff logistics and requirements for productions
  3. Liaising with the relative production teams to ensure optimal efficiency in completing projects
  4. Liaising with current staff members in the operational management and control of equipment
  5. Ensuring efficient information and working relationships between the two companies and their respective projects.
  6. Managing all aspects of Occupational Health & Safety
  7. Ensuring our high standards of Customer Service are maintained
  8. Exploring new and potential clients and productions whilst maintaining our existing valued clientele.

The successful applicant will need to have the following skills:

  1. Excellent planning, organisational and time management skills
  2. Strong people management skills
  3. The ability to communicate effectively
  4. Excellent liaising abilities
  5. The ability to initiate, develop and maintain a large client base  
  6. Cope in a demanding environment

Active Lighting has been established some twenty years with Next Vision operating for the last eight years. The Companies continue to grow and the successful applicant will show a professional enthusiasm to continue to expand their capabilities. If you think that you have what we are looking for please send your resume to Active Lighting Pty Ltd 30 Warner Street Huntingdale or e-mail it to
Posted: January 8th 2009