Maidment Theatre Receives an ETC Ion 2000 Console

Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Maidment Theatre is located at 8 Alfred Street, in the heart of cosmopolitan Auckland, on the University of Auckland city campus.

The Maidment Theatre, seating 448 and Musgrove Studio seating 104, offer clear and unimpeded views of the stage in air-conditioned comfort. Both theatres host a variety of professional, community and campus performance throughout the year.

In a twin-theatre complex, performance space, technical, ticketing, stage management and front of house services are provided to a diverse range of community and commercial producers.

Technical Manager Rob McDonald recently decided that it was time to retire the theatre’s old Strand 520 console and so he had a look at the latest offerings on the market.

”I looked at competing products extensively but found the ETC Ion came out on top” remarked Rob. “Fortunately I came across the ETC Ion 2000 at the ETNZ tradeshow and compared to the other offerings the Ion was a stable console ready for use right now. I really like the keys on the Ion – they’re very sturdy and you know when you’re pressing them. The user interface is nice and in terms of software, it does everything that we need in a traditional theatre at a perfect price. It has all the core fundamentals you’d expect from an ETC console.”