Madzin Productions welcome MAC Aura XB and MAC Quantums

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016

tim3 Since its humble beginnings in 1995, Madzin Productions has grown at a considerable rate to achieve its current position within the events and concert industries.

Starting out initially as audio specialists over 20 years ago, recent years have seen Madzin Productions diversify into all aspects of technical and event production encompassing a 360° solution.

With key and strategic investments in concert audio solutions, intelligent lighting, LED screens, substantial rigging solutions and semi-trailers, they are able to deliver in full, technical aspecttim1s of almost every event they’re involved in.

On Australia Day, Madzin Productions provided audio, lighting and staging build for Ch9’s Today Show featuring the singer Tim Omaji. Even though it was a daylight performance it was still a great opportunity for Madzin to show off their recently acquired Martin MAC Aura XB’s and MAC Quantum Profiles.

Madzin have been gradually converting their lighting inventory to an all Martin affair and so the twelve Aura XB’s and eight Quantums joined a collection of MAC101, MAC500, MAC600, MAC700, and MAC2000 fixtures.

“We’re trying to move away from conventional fixtures to all LED and the MAC Aura XB is incredibly powerful,” remarked Frank Madzin, managing director. “We wanted to go for the highest level LED moving head wash light rather than a base model. They’ve been great antim6d everyone seems to know what they are and are comfortable using them. They have the Martin reputation for reliability.”

“Again with the Quantum Profiles it’s a move towards LED. They are very bright, smooth and have fast colour mixing as well as fast effects.

Tim Omaji’s Today Show performance utilized eight MAC101, eight Quantum, LED PAR and eight Aura XB.