Mackay Entertainment Centre chooses Robert Juliat

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2008

Towards the end of last year Mackay Entertainment Centre took delivery of a two Robert Juliat Topaze 1200W discharge follow spots.

Mackay Entertainment Centre Technical Department has proven itself to be one of the leaders in excellence in Queensland regional venues accommodating hundreds of performances/functions every year. The Entertainment Centre has a professional team of audio, lighting and stage technicians experienced in a comprehensive array of state of the art production technology. 

Shane Lomman, Head of the Lighting Department, had previously been working at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre where Robert Juliat Topaze follow spots were used and he had been hugely impressed by them.

“Mackay Entertainment Centre was using twelve-year old Selecon Performer follow spots when we got the budget to upgrade,” explained Shane. “Although I knew how great the Robert Juliat follow spots were, I still did the rounds to see what other suppliers and manufacturers had. However, in the end I couldn’t be swayed past the Robert Juliat fixtures and all the staff is thrilled by them.

“I personally like the internal frost arrangement and the dowser is very exciting to me; the rotary bar on the front control point is just perfect. You don’t have to take your hands off of the device to turn them on and off.”

Shane adds that the main selling point of the Topaze follow spots is their sensational light output and fantastic optics. The fact that the Topaze follow spots are considerably smaller than the Performer follow spots that they replaced was a welcome bonus.

”Because of where the Performer follow spots had to be positioned and the fact that they are such large units, a good proportion of the operator’s view of the stage would be obscured,” he reported. “Whereas with the Topaze units you can see around, over and under them so you have a better picture of the whole stage.

“The Topaze follow spots also pan and tilt really nicely in fact, all of the people who have operated them here have nothing but praise for them.”