MAC III Performance offers unlimited framing

Posted on Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The MAC III Performance is a flexible, high-output profile moving head with a new interleaved framing system with full crossover of each blade and continuous rotation for new and unlimited projection, framing and effects possibilities.

It is available as a stand-alone fixture or as a cost effective upgrade that installs in minutes on any existing MAC III Profile.

The MAC III Performance’s continuous rotation framing system is an industry first. Four individually controllable shutter blades can be micro-adjusted in an infinite variety of positions for a greater refinement of beam shape, and continuous rotation allows the image to revolve successively at any angle, says the company.

Each shutter blade can move across the entire beam to a complete blackout so not only are more shapes possible but any shape can be positioned in any part of the field of light. This flexibility in shapes comes via an interleaved system which also ensures optimal focus of all blades.

The flexible shutter system allows gobos to be seamlessly cross-faded in and all four blade edges stay in uniform focus for an overall sharper projection.

Primarily used to frame set elements and performers, continuous rotation framing allows the MAC III Performance to also be used as a capable effect light.

The MAC III Performance includes Martin’s gobo animation system which allows for the projection of effect simulations such as rising flames, drifting clouds, driving rain, turbulent water and much more.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology