MA onPC for Bright Spark

Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2017

Sven Naumann of Auckland’s Bright Spark Productions Limited had an on-going job that required a console that anyone in the industry could pick up and program.

“We were originally running with a New Zealand made product that was not user-friendly for those that didn’t know it and not many people in our industry did!” he remarked. “Of course, we also wanted a console that would be useful after that one particular job.”

Whilst looking for a user-friendly alternative that would service a variety of projects in the market place, Sven came across the MA onPC fader wing which meets the requests for a mobile control solution that supplies real faders and executors in connection with the free-of-charge grandMA2 onPC software.

“It’s just a good, all round, solid little console,” he said. “The size is great as you can just pick it up and throw it in the back of a car. Sometimes we put it on a roadcase in the back of a trailer to go around a site programming. To be honest, it’s almost as effective as a standard console for a fraction of the cost. It’s also laid out very similar to the full size MA2 which makes it very easy for operators to flick between them.”