MA onPC command wing hiding in the wings

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012

Yes it’s a photo of a car and not a MA onPC command wing. In fact there is no MA onPC command wing to be seen at all and that’s just how it should be!

“The reason there are no shots of the control is because clients and venues like it to be hidden from view!” remarked David Parkin, Select AV’s Technical Manager. “However, they love the small footprint and wireless control of the MA onPC command wing, particularly as it keeps us out of the room…literally! A lot of our client briefs are to create an atmosphere of sophistication and style in small to medium-sized, high-end venues. We rarely have space for a large control area, but need to provide a powerful, adaptable solution that allows us to hit the mark every time. The MA onPC solution fits that perfectly.” 

The photo is of a Six Series launch for BMW where the client expected a very clean, beautiful room for their hand-picked VIP crowd of millionaire guests. They expect to see the product lit beautifully and there is no place for an attention stealing, whizz bang, lights flashing console!

 “Having our tech walk around with an iPad making minute changes to the lighting looks the part and is good for our business,” commented David. “We look like we’re aligned well with our client and have similar standards.”

Select AV already own a MA Lighting console and so choosing a MA onPC command wing did not require a great leap of faith. 

“We already own a grandMA ultra-lite console so it was a case of what our crew were familiar with and what we know will work straight away,” said David. “I’m not a lighting guy but I could quickly work out how to get scenes together and get looks happening. You can build a show in the office, get it 80% correct and easily tweak it on site. It’s pretty bloody useful!”

The crew love the portability of the MA onPC command wing which travels with a router and allows them to wander around the venue with an iPad focussing shows. 

“Ease of use, compact size and adaptability to a variety of events has made the choice the correct one,” concluded David. “We also feel we are future-proofed, it’s a good, long term investment for us.”