MA all the way for Alljonny

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Three years ago, Jonny Cross of Alljonny Services in New Zealand purchased an MA command wing as he was fed up with turning up at venues only to be given some random console. At the time Jonny was doing a lot of contemporary dance shows around the country but recently he has picked up quite a bit of film work so flexibility and portability in control became even more important.

“I decided to add an MA fader wing so when I am on location, I can just bring a command wing and a little laptop and when I am in the studio I can have the command wing, fader wing and touch screens,” commented Jonny. “The expandability of the system is really useful. The command wing with a fader wing is no different to a console in the way it works. You can jump on an MA full size or light, and everything is the same as it is on the command wing. I also like that you can customize your set up to how big you want the footprint.”

Jonny stated that he loves his MA set up to bit sand that everything is perfect. He further reports that his MA gear has been 100% reliable although he can’t say the same for Windows!