Lux keep on top of the scene in WA

Posted on Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Since their acquisition nearly twelve months ago Lux’s twelve Martin LC Panels and Maxedia media server have been kept very busy.

According to Lux’s managing director Dave Trapp, the LC Panels have gained great momentum over that time as more and more clients become familiar with this unique product and technology.

“It was an interesting, albeit sometimes a difficult time, initially explaining to corporate clients that this video screen can’t actually display DVDs and high resolution images properly,” Dave said. “They were confused and simply couldn’t conceptualise what this product was, so we set about producing a DVD of images and video of the LC Panels in action.

”This saved many futile explanations and further sold many clients on what an effective, unique production and branding tool the LC Panels are.”

Dave reports that he is continually finding new applications for the LC Panels and that he is getting great results with custom content creation.

”We’ve also found that less is more and subtle applications can be more interesting than simply hanging a big wall of them upstage. In fact, from what initially seemed like a big investment, we’re now considering the acquisition of another twelve panels!”

Lux Entertainment Technology also took delivery of sixteen Martin MAC700s and sixteen MAC250 Entours mid year which, according to Dave, have been kept constantly warm!

”They haven’t had a lot of rest, adding big dynamic looks to our corporate events,” he said. “We had slowed the growth of our lighting department over the previous two years as we spent up on video, LC Panels and sets but it was a great reminder of how important big lighting states are to the look of any room, having such a large inventory now available to us.

”So much technology and yet we haven’t even had to consider opening the lid on any yet as they’ve all worked without fault for the four months we’ve had them. That’s very reassuring, not just in terms of confidence that the Martin units will be reliable on our shows but knowing we aren’t likely to have many – if any – expensive repairs once out of their warranty period. It’s this reduced total cost of ownership that make the Martin lights such good value for money.”

Dave is also extremely please with his Arkaos media server which he describes as an integral part of nearly all of Lux’s events. He is particularly impressed by its’ simplicity and quick set up.

”We use it for creative video control, pixel mapping the Pro Shop DMX LED tubes and driving the LC Panels,” he added. “Teamed up with our MA Lighting grandMA we have a great show control system for lights and video that has allowed us to deliver tight scripts for awards nights and gala dinners with total confidence. We rely less on having several operators all trying to execute cues at exactly the same moment. Now we can pre-produce these cues and know they’ll be perfect. It not only gives us confidence but gives us a competitive edge that our clients really value.”

Lux also recently purchased an 18m diameter F33 truss circle from Design Quintessence which Dave describes as an awesome statement in any arena and especially so in a ballroom.

”A curve of this size is more than a structural element,” reports Dave. “We’ve used it to create curved sets around stage, suspending LC Panels and perspex video screens and adding great depth to the room. We’ve also used it to hang drapes from and because of its size it redefines the boundaries of the room. Clients no longer recognise where the once rectangular room has gone and how it is possible that it now has curved walls! It’s a great look regardless of whether you can see the actual truss or not.”

Lux recently purchased thirty Pro Shop LED IP Strips which Dave has found to be very versatile and inexpensive. They regularly get used to light perspex such as the internally illuminated tiered stages occasionally supplied by Lux.

“While not a Chromabank in terms of consistency of colour, intensity and its field of light they are scarily good in the right application!” stated Dave. “As always the Show Technology team has provided great support with the odd question we’ve had. However we’ve really needed very little support. This must be a testament to the quality of their range – reliable and intuitive to use.”