Lux Events invest in ShowLED Chameleon starcloths

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Perth’s Lux Events has a reputation for delivering spectacular events with a technological edge and helping them do so is their latest acquisition of four ShowLED Chameleon starcloths.

An RGB LED starcloth system, the ShowLED Chameleon starcloths offer the same features and easy programming options as ShowLED Classic, but in any given colour.

”We needed a good backdrop or wings look for our corporate events,” explained Luke Thorley, Lux Event’s Production Manager. “We already had some Pro Shop LED curtains but the RGB capabilities of the ShowLED Chameleon starcloths, gives us so much more creative freedom especially for branding.”

The branding advantage of the RGB is evident in the accompanying photographs of the Fremantle Dockers Doig Medal and rebrand launch event where Freemantle’s signature purple colour is dominant.

Of course, Luke and his crew love the fact that the ShowLED cloths are not at all labour intensive!

”You just hang it and it’s pretty much ready to go,” he said. “The colours are great too and I really like the finish of them, being woolen as opposed to the plastic look of the other curtains. They are just so easy to use and can be controlled from the lighting desk.”

Luke also enjoys the effects he can create with the ShowLED cloths including colour changes, twinkling effects, and chases.