Lux Events delight in their Pro Shop LED Strip HO’s

Posted on Friday, May 4th, 2012

As Lux Events continues to grow so does it’s arsenal of LED fixtures, with the recent purchase of Pro Shop LED Strip HO fixtures to compliment their seventy LED Tri-colour fixtures.

The LED Strip HO from Pro Shop is the next step in progression from the humble beginnings of the ever popular LED Strip. Using the latest in high powered LED technology, the LED Strip HO certainly lives up to is “HIGH OUTPUT” tag.

Like the original LED Strip, this unit is 1m long, but contains a whopping 84 high powered 1w LED’s, 28 x red, 28 x green and 28 x blue LED’s produce a massive punch of colour that is wide, bright and saturated. Like the original the unit can be controlled either as a solid bank, or up to 4 segments to allow slow colour scrolling effects if they are placed in a line.

“They produce amazingly bright saturated colours, so much so even the boss was impressed!” commented Lux’s Josh Neufeld.

The LED Strip HO can be controlled as four segments or as a whole bank, allowing for added versatility.

Lux’s LED Strip HO’s have hit the ground running arriving at one of their busiest times of the year: the start of the AFL season. Involved in both the Fremantle Football Club and West Coast Eagles club launches, the LED Strips provided a solid purple drape wash for one and lit up a large perspex stage and catwalk blue for the other. The strips are also a permanent feature in lighting the perspex set at West Coast home games as well as assisting in theming corporate suites for Fremantle games.

To add to their versatility the LED strips have a great onboard controller allowing for DMX control or standalone operation on smaller shows.

“We recently placed the LED strips under some Mercedes Benz cars at a dealership as part of an expo and the brightness of the strips was fantastic giving the cars a great glow,” added Josh. “The client was very pleased with the new product.”