Lux Events chooses Clay Paky A.Leda K10 moving LED fixtures

Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Lux Events in Perth has recently added sixteen new Clay Paky A.Leda K10 moving LED fixtures to their lighting inventory and are very happy with the acquisition.

Jerry Reinhardt, General Manager of Concert Services stated, “I am very pleased with these fixtures. They are lightweight, solid, quiet and bright. With 9000 lumens of output and a 14 to 70 degree beam angle these units perform with flying colours in corporate ballrooms as well as large concert venues. The zoom is fast too – the K10 can widen out from 14 degrees to a full 70 degrees in under a second whilst retaining 50 percent of its light output at full zoom.”

Features favoured by Jerry include the ability to individually control each of the 19 quad coloured LEDs plus the macros full of preset colour combos as well as graphic shape effects. Clay Paky is writing various colour effects and patterns into the cells to cut down on the programming time it takes for all the cool eye candy.

“The colour mixing works well and the primary colours are deep and saturated,” added Jerry. “The CTO feature is great for finessing skin tones and is an added benefit for camera work  plus it can give you a tungsten-looking light source if you wish.”

The Clay Paky A.Leda K10 has a small footprint but is powerful and built tough to survive the rigours of touring. In fact the K10 is constructed so tough that Clay Paky believes the fixture itself may outlive the 50,000-hour estimated life of each LED cell.

“The K10’s are fantastic and will certainly be our new workhorse wash unit,” concluded Jerry.

The photo shows the Clay Paky A.leda Wash K10 fixtures on the Oz Concert. Also in the rig were MAC700 Profiles, MAC101s, Tri-colours and DQ Ground Support.

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