Lucky Number Seven Avolites for LX Productions

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2016

lxAvolites consoles (Avo) have their diehard fans in Australia but the ‘president’ of the Australian Avo Fan club is Darren Holborow of LX Productions. Darren recently purchased the flagship console from the Avolites range, the Sapphire Touch with Titan V10 Software from Australia’s Avolites distributor TLC Global. LX Productions are the first in Australia to adopt the Sapphire Touch and this is the seventh Avolites console in the LX Production’s range making them the biggest supplier in the country.

Darren started working with Avolites Consoles 15 yrs ago with his first Azure 2000 which controlled many a dance party in the company’s early days. LX Production’s second Avolites console was a Pearl 2004 and was smuggled in from the UK by Darren’s brother in checked baggage. “I’m still not sure how he managed to pull that off” wondered Darren. Since then LX Productions has expanded their fleet of Avolites at every opportunity. “We have nothing but praise for Avolites” Commented Darren.

It was only natural that Darren wanted to get his hands on a demo Avolites Sapphire Touch when the Titan V10 software was released. Once Darren had a chance to play with the new console he just couldn’t bring himself to send it back so he had to buy it. “I could not be happier with the console and the service I’ve received from Avolites and TLC-Global” commented Darren “It doesn’t matter if I have a problem with a fixture personality on a Sunday night, the guys from Avolites get on the phone or email and help me with a solution”.

For many years the Avolites range has been the console of choice for LDs and operators who liked to have everything at their fingertips and the tactile feel of faders. While the fader may seem like old tech there is nothing aged about the hardware behind the Sapphire Touch which features all the tools, like a built-in battery UPS and functions you’d expect from a top of the line console. The Sapphire Touch supports 8 physical DMX outputs and 16 over ArtNet or sACN, plus some features which are unique to the Avolites line like the TriColour optical trackball and Saturn Ring controller which enables the operator to control X,Y,Z axis simultaneously. Two generously wide touchscreens give more than enough real estate to Freeform work spaces and ‘personalise’ the operating surface. The Sapphire boasts a whopping 45 motorised faders, the most of any console on the market, plus a truckload of flash/executor buttons means the Sapphire Touch can keep every look, effect and chase at the operators finger tips. This makes it the perfect busking platform on the fly, or enabling the user to create the ideal Freeform layout for their complex show.

The team at Avolites have not rested on their laurels when it comes to brains of their consoles, the new Titan V10 is a seriously powerful piece of software. The latest version incorporates a full 3D Visualiser powered by Capture , a market leading pixel mapper and comprehensive undo functions along with Keyframe Shapes as part of the effects engine, making it quick and easy to create effects from scratch and integrates seamlessly with Avolites AI media server software.

The introduction of the Sapphire Touch into the market means the Australian chapter of the Avolites fan club will be sure to grow.
Australian Distributor: TLC Global