LSC reveals its DNA Data Distribution System

Posted on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

image002522LSC has released its new DNA lighting control distribution system.  DNA allows the use of a structured cabling network to deliver DMX512  lighting data inputs and outputs as well as ArtNet, in a system fully compliant with the current DMX standard, DMX512A.

When DNA is combined with LSC’s MDR DMX/RDM Splitter series and Nexus DMX & Artnet convertor / mergers you have a scalable solution for all venues, installations and budgets. Simple in its concept, this group of products allow for a data backbone of Cat5 STP cabling to be installed into a venue and offers a number of termination possibilities so that Ethernet or DMX512 can be run on the backbone. So a venue can be wired for DMX512 distribution today and it can convert to Ethernet distribution if and when needed. In fact a combination of DMX512 and Ethernet can coexist on the same system, removing the headaches that specifiers and architects usually encounter when trying to decide on what type of cabling to put into a venue to future-proof it.

image009190System Overview

  • It’s a totally passive system unlike ISOport.
  • Cabling is star configuration with home runs from the field plates to a patch bay or multiple patch bays.
  • All cabling is minimum specification Cat 5 STP (screened twisted pair) and is terminated at both ends in RJ45.
  • The field termination is in a deep wall box in vertical orientation.
  • The wall plates can be populated with combinations of XLR5-F or XLR5-M or Ethercon.
  • At the patch bay each 16 way 1ru panel is populated with connector types, quantities and gender as required.
  • 1ru MDR splitters and Nexus NSXT Ethernet / DMX convertors/ mergers handle the rest along with some Ethernet switches.
  • This can be scaled to facilitate as many universes as are determined necessary for a base level installation and it is easily scaled as and when required in the future.
  • When Artnet is required at or near a field plate (with an RJ45/ethercon socket in the wall plate) use Nexus NSXR truss mount 5 way convertor, or an NSX-1 (which is a 1x Ethernet & 1xDMX in or out port) connected through a PoE port on the switch.
  • Connectors can have colour code rings on the face to easily identify input or output type.

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