LSC Releases New Version Of Clarity

Posted on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

LSC Lighting Systems has announced the release of Version 1.1 of the Clarity software package.

Since the Version 1.0 release in November last year, Clarity has been constantly improved every couple of weeks with version upgrades to fix bugs and also to add enhancements.

The Version 1.1 release sees the first major upgrade of Clarity and implements some significant new features including:

• Tracking backup – Allows a 2nd Clarity system to be used as an online backup in case of hardware failure on the main computer.
• Group Masters-Any fader can control the intensity of others.
• New User Preferences setup so users can configure Clarity how they see fit.
• Auto load of the last show
• Start Cuelist edit blind or live-now the choice is up the operator.
• A channel controller-edit directly in the playbacks.
• Edit, Save and Save As are now all undoable.

• The new release also changes the way the demo and free versions operate. The demo version now doesn’t time out, allowing users to always have access to the full package.

The latest demo version can be downloaded from the LSC website listed below.