LSC previews new dimmer range at PLASA

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010

Australian based LSC Lighting Systems has previewed a new Redback Wall-Mount dimmer at the recent PLASA show in London.

Taking only the Redback name and colour scheme, the sight of a crisp colour touch screen confirms the fact that this new dimmer has been redesigned from the ground up. The new Redback Wall-Mount sports a number of new features not commonly found in a dimmer in this price range including, optional relay channels, RDM, various output connector configurations, external wallplate control and a slimline case.

Available in 6, 12 or 24 channel models, the units cater for traditional dimming requirements as well a true switched power control module option providing direct power to control LED and intelligent lighting fixtures. The power control modules can be switched via DMX512, fixed in a permanent state (off or on) or controlled via a number of other methods in the same fashion that the dimming channels can be controlled. The switched power module outputs provide direct power by utilising relays guaranteeing there is absolutely no electronics in the way to affect connected loads.

A number of different output socket combinations are available as well as the hardwired version. A unique patch version using GST18 connectors permits double output sockets as well as a HotPowerTM connection providing unseen flexibility in such a system.

The impressive feature list includes:

    * 6, 12 or 24 channel configurations;
    * 10A per channel;
    * Optional RCD or RCBO breakers;
    * Optional Neutral Disconnect breakers;
    * 3-phase or single phase operation;
    * Slimline Design;
    * Optional mixed Dimming and Relay modules;
    * Full colour touch screen;
    * RDM control and reporting;
    * Optional Wall Plates;
    * 6 internal scenes and chases;
    *GST18 Outlet option with two dimmed outputs and one HotPowerTM output connector;
    * Fire / Panic input.