LSC Lighting offer maXim USB upgrade introductory pricing

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009

LSC are pleased to announce a special price for the recently released USB kit for the maXim control console range.

For the month of March 2009, the USB kit is available at a 25% discount off the normal price. Normally $770.00 + Installation. During March pay only $577.50 + Installation.

The new kit can be used to upgrade any existing maXim in the field (some users of early maXims may need to add more memory to their console). If your maXim currently has a floppy disk drive then this kit will replace the floppy.

Addition of the USB options kit provides the following facilities:

Two USB A ports.

One of these ports is for connection to a USB memory stick (flash drive). The larger memory capacity of the USB flash drives allows for several show backups and the possibility of having many fixture templates available on the one flash drive.

The second USB A port will permit connection to a trackball or mouse for controlling Pan and Tilt of fixtures.

One USB B port.

The USB B port is dedicated to a direct Capture interface. Capture is a visualisation program that allows you to see what your stage and show will look like. This new option means that with only one USB cable you can connect your maXim to a PC and see your show on the visualiser. This facility is not available in the software as yet but is only a matter of weeks away.

MIDI in, out and thru

The MIDI In, Out and Thru connections allow maXim to control other devices or in fact be controlled by MIDI controllers. Great for small bands where you can now control your show from a sequencer. Other applications include game shows or exhibitions where the lights and effects need to be controlled remotely.

Each kit is supplied with a 1GB USB key that contains the entire PaTPad fixture library, the PaTPad training videos and the Operator Manual for each console group.

If you already have a maXim and you would like to upgrade to the new USB Video option please contact your nearest dealer or LSC direct.

To secure your USB kit at this price, you must place an order with your local supplier before the end of March.