LSC introduces TruPower

Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010

For a number of years LSC has been listening to the requests, particularly from larger venues, for a way to allow the easy conversion of any dimmer channel into a simple switched power outlet. One solution is to offer ‘hot swap’ modules that allow 2,4,6 or 12 channels to be quickly interchanged from dimmer module to switch module and back again. However the cost, complexity and low flexibility of these systems often preclude them as a viable choice; so LSC went to their R&D department to find a better way.

The result is TruPowerTM, an affordable technology where every individual channel of the dimming system contains both a dimmer and a bypass contactor circuit to allow any channel or combination of channels to be instantly changed from one mode to the other.

A TruPowerTM channel can be switched to provide either standard dimming or direct power. This means that any circuit that may require dimmed or direct power now or in the future can be wired with a single power run and the type of power offered can be set by the dimmer. This not only makes the system flexible but future-proof. Today the rig can be all incandescent profiles and dimmed in a tradition manner and tomorrow you can set the rig to be all direct power and fly moving lights safe in the knowledge that the moving light is seeing the same power as if you plugged it into a normal power outlet.

Available now in the EKO and TEKO dimmers, the configuration of which channels are dimmed and which are direct power can be selected:

1.     via the User Interface;
2.     permanently – for situations where it is desirable that any particular channel’s power mode is fixed;
3.     via RDM – the latest addition to DMX512 allowing control of the dimmer from a remote location.
4.     via LSCnet utilising a wall mount push-button controller or from a Building Management System.
5.     remotely using Houston – LSC remote monitoring and control software.

One of the first customers to use TruPower is the Gold Coast Arts Centre where 516 channels of EKO TruPower dimming were installed in February 2010.

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