Logan Entertainment Centre chooses Robert Juliat

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2008

The Logan Entertainment Centre, located midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, hosts a variety of events each year, ranging from theatre shows and concerts through to exhibitions, school productions, markets and award dinners.

The venue has recently replaced all of their aging lighting on their two front of house bars with six Robert Juliat 310 fresnels, with PC lenses, and nine Robert Juliat Lutins, all supplied by The Production Shop.

“We had a bunch of old fixtures from another manufacturer but they really weren’t punchy enough and weren’t quite doing the job they were supposed to,” remarked Darren McBride, Logan’s Acting Technical Supervisor. “We were having trouble with reflectors and focus mechanisms etc, so we decided to replace them and if we were going to spend the money, we may as well have the best. As a result we now have a fantastic array of Robert Juliat fixtures.

The Robert Juliat fixtures have replaced most of the colour wash as well, which was previously achieved by a basic par can two colour wash.

“The PCs are far more versatile,” said Darren. “We can use them for specials, fill lighting and all sorts of stuff now. Having these fixtures has enormously improved the venue.

“Both Robert Juliat models are doing a great job and I’m really happy with them. They give a nice even light, very flat and plain. They really are a joy to work with – the focus mechanism, the barn doors and that whole system is just really good.”