Lighting the ARIA’s

Posted on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

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The Annual ARIA Awards held at ACER arena is one of the country’s biggest events. Lighting this extravaganza is no mean feat with over 10,000 people in the room and 16 television cameras capturing the event which was aired live on the TEN network. Auditoria’s Ian Anderson took on the Lighting Design/Director role this year. Paul Collison was the Associate designer and Graham Anderson called followspots and sunguns. One of the biggest challenges that any music awards night is making all acts look different on the same set. The ARIA’s had 8 acts all with very different styles from Presets to Pink to Gurrumul. The use of “extras” on top of the base system helped differ the looks. Moving trusses, LED and the old 5k Fresnel all had a go! Matt Hanson who was the LD for the Presets event brought the green laser back!

“The show went off without a hitch” says Ian. “The system was well looked after by Brad Gander and all the crew from Chameleon.”

One element that Ian was keen to use on this event was the Kinesys hoist control system.

“The initial use for the 6 hoists on 3 trusses was for Faker. It enabled us to get the trusses in just above the band and move them around on cue which adds a whole new visual effect. We also ended up using them for angling trusses to suit different stages and even to get a VL3500 in the right spot to light Andy as he hung in the middle of the lighting rig!”

Chameleon was the lighting supplier.

Lighting: 800ft x truss, 116 x Chain Hoists, 6 x Kinesys Hoists and Control, 5 x 24way Hoist Controllers, 33 x 5k Fresnel, 16 x 80v Selecon Pacifics, 84 x Source 4 Pars, 256 x VNSP Pars (Sam Sparro), 6 x 48way dimmers (Sam Sparro), 8 x Redheads, 2 x Blondes, 3 x Sunguns, 16 x Studio Due CS4 (Pink), 12 x Pulsar Chromabanks (Veronicas), 8 x LED Pars (Faker), 8 x Zipstrips, 20 x 8 light Molefay, 20 x Duets, 32 x VL3000 Spots, 30 x VL3500 Wash, 10 x VL2000 Spots (set), 10 x VL2000 Wash (set), 30 x Martin TW1, 30 x VL500 Wash, 7 x Highend Showguns, 30 x MAC 2000 Wash (audience), 20 x MAC 2000 Spots (audience), 30 x Palco 5, 24 x Martin Stagebars (set), 6 x Followspots (house), 6 x Hazers, 4 x Fans, 4 x Foggers, 30 x Martin Atomic Strobes inc colour changers, 3 x grandma consoles, 8 x NSP Nodes.