Lighting Technicians (1 Casual, 1 Flex Time Contract)

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2018

This role works as part of a team to deliver the highest technical services in the field of lighting. The role is customer focused and supports performers to achieve excellence in their field, drawing on high level of skills and experience as a technical operator and a formidable aptitude for, and comprehensive understanding of, lighting equipment and systems. This role leads small technical teams to deliver outstanding theatre and entertainment production services to clients. This role upholds relevant technical and WHS standards and contributes to the ongoing development of WHS awareness at the Opera House. It also contributes to the management, development, care and security of the technical equipment at the Opera House and assists in the development of skills and standards within the Theatre & Events portfolio that meet presenter and the SOH expectations.

* Operation and set up of lighting equipment in live performance situations including operating lighting consoles, follow spots, floor plots and basic lighting systems in all theatres and performance spaces for productions and events.
* Supervise and lead small teams in a productive and efficient manner to deliver outstanding production services, communicating effectively , and providing training and mentoring as required.
* Follow and create documentation such as lighting plans, patch sheets, cue lists and other technical documents as required and independently setup lighting equipment and systems for use across all theatres and performance spaces.
* Identify and problem solve lighting technical faults relating to productions, including the use of SOH fault reporting systems.
* Meet SOH expectations by contributing to a customer service culture within Production Services teams.
* Ensure technical requirements for productions are delivered safely; making WHS a high priority for all Production Services employees.
* Properly store, clean and maintain equipment, as well as clean and keep all storage and backstage areas tidy.

* Working in a dynamic live theatre environment , balancing challenging variables, such as irregular and long shifts, physical work, live performance deadlines, as well as the sheer complexity of size and restrictions associated with working at SOH.

Decision Making
The position has responsibility to follow documentation and direction from a Supervisor or Production Manager to achieve a technically smooth and competent production. The role may plan a task and lead a small team to achieve this.
The position has the responsibility to operate equipment to the highest standard to the satisfaction of Head of Department, Supervisors and to the Client’s needs and expectations.
Reporting Line
Lighting Supervisor
Lighting Operational Supervisor
Direct Reports

* Comprehensive skills and experience (minimum 3 years) in professional lighting services.
* Ability to perform lighting operational roles including lighting console operation, follow spot operation and floor electrics plot and operation to the highest standard in a live performance environment.
* Good working knowledge of lighting equipment and venue infrastructure including:
Lighting network setup and distribution
Moving light fixtures – setting, addressing and trouble-shooting
Intelligent lighting fixtures including LED technology and strobes etc.
Conventional lighting and lamp maintenance
System fault finding
* Ability to operate market leading lighting consoles and associated programs.
* Ability to lead small teams to execute an effective and efficient outcome.
* Ability to interpret and create relevant event documents and implement technical lighting production requirements.
* Physical fitness, agility and ability to work at heights.
* Ability and commitment to work on a rotating shift basis.
* Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively within teams and across multiple disciplines to ensure completion of work.
* Good communication skills and well-developed interpersonal skills.
* Commitment to abide by Opera House policies, particularly WHS procedures , including manual handling techniques.
* Demonstrated knowledge and application of computer related technology.

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework applies to all NSW public sector employees. The Capability Framework is available at

The applications for both roles close on January 20th.


SOH1190 – Application Package – Lighting Technician FTC

SOH1190 – Application Package – Lighting Technician Casual