Lighthouse Distribution Lights Up ANZ Stadium

Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

State of Origin legends Laurie Daley and Wally Lewis have inaugurated the new ANZ Stadium signage that will light up the Stadium’s eastern and western grandstand exteriors.

Daley and Lewis featured in a Nine Network ‘Footy Show’ presentation that included the giant signage lighting up for the first time.

The signs are 42 metres x 9 metres and feature the biggest letters of any illuminated signage in Australia at 3.9 metres tall. Hollywood-style spotlights showcase the high-tech LED signage, which uses half the energy of a comparable neon sign.

The first phase saw Lighthouse Distribution provide fixtures for a temporary installation of one sign for the Inauguration on the Footy Show. Lighthouse provided eight DTS Delta LED Projectors, which produced a vivid blue wash over the ANZ sign and four Clay Paky Mini Scan HP3s to create the spotlight effect.

The second phase involves the permanent installation of the fixtures. An additional eight Delta LED Projectors will be added to the sign on the Eastern side of the stadium. Also, the Mini Scan HP3s will be replaced by four Clay Paky Alpha 300 Beams on each sign. Each night visitors will see the ANZ sign shining brightly, with the spotlights used for major events, such as the upcoming State of Origin.

The DTS Delta’s are IP65 rated LED providing the perfect weatherproof low power solution. The Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 produces a super concentrated near parallel light beam. It produces a “long throw” that will break through stage washers and LEDs, making it the ideal moving light beam for live professional use. It is also a low power option with a 300W lamp that produces three times the brightness when compared with an ordinary 1200W projector.

“The new ANZ Stadium signage creates a quite majestic aura as you approach the Stadium,” said ANZ Stadium CEO, Ken Edwards.

“The Hollywood-style spotlights add that sense of occasion that comes with a big event. The signage looks sensational and I’m sure it will make an impact on all the fans that come to our venue, starting with the big Origin crowd.”

The honour of officially hitting the button went to Laurie Daley after Maroons great Wally Lewis deferred to the former NSW Blues captain, who played his last Origin game at the Stadium in 1999.

“The Stadium has hosted some of the most famous sporting occasions in Australia’s history,” said Daley.

“And the venue has special memories for me from the last Origin game I played. We won, so the memories are great.”

The new signage, constructed and installed by Claude Neon, completes the re-branding of the venue that became ANZ Stadium on 1 January this year.

ANZ Bank signed Australia’s biggest stadium naming rights agreement worth $4.5 million annually and $31.5 over the seven-year term.