Lighthouse Distribution brings you DMX without wires

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2008

There is a joke that often comes up in our training session about standards – ‘What’s the one good thing about standards? There are so many to choose from.’ Well here is a truly international standard. Wireless DMX from DTS. Build using the precision Swedish W-DMX components you can be assured that the DTS units will work with any other W-DMX units from any supplier. This was shown on our recent road show where we were able to control LSC dimmers using a W-DMX BlackBox R-512 receiver controlled from our DTS Transmitter. We toured all around Australia and didn’t have a single problem with dropouts or crosstalk.

W-DMX units are reliable and road-ready – just what you need to light the Pyramids, or Olympic ceremonies, but it’s not just big events that benefit from the flexibility W-DMX offers. There are many sets of units used in theatres throughout the world, including many of the top Broadway and West End shows, and many architectural jobs where it is just not possible to run a DMX cable.

Featuring a build in universal power supply and simple setup procedure you will be up and running in no time. The units are available now and are very competitively priced. DMX without wires is here – how can it help you?