Lighthouse Distribution at Entech 2008

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Lighthouse Distribution’s inaugural attendance at Entech was a great success with visitors experiencing a variety of the Lighthouse product range. The Lighthouse Bar housed LEDs from DTS and CLS as well as an Optikinetics clock. On either side of the bar were lighthouses complete with moving fixtures from Clay Paky and DTS, these fixtures shone onto a white scrim alongside four DTS Deltas. The result was an amazing array of lighting effects for a multitude of applications.

The new Clay Paky Alpha 300 Series created a lot of excitement with their compact size and high output. The Clay Paky Alpha 300 Series, the DTS XR Series of Moving Lights, Bar LEDs and Mirror Panels were individually controlled using a Crestron control system. By working with sister company, Crestron Control Solutions, Lighthouse was able to demonstrate control of the ChamSys lighting consoles from a number of 4 and 6-inch Crestron touch panels. This allowed a seamless control solution that offered interactive product slideshows with control for the visitors, but did not require constant monitoring or resetting, as you would see if you had a standard lighting desk for each fixture. In turn, the Crestron touch panel’s present a simple control for lighting equipment for user-friendly operation, perfect for bars and clubs.

Also popular was the Lighthouse range of LEDs including the Delta LED Colour Changer, which is the brightest LED Colour Changer in its category with an output of over 1500 lux at 3m. The Delta’s light source comprises 40 RGB Full Colour LEDs with each LED containing a single RGB module, which independently generates 16 million colours. This full colour technology presents a uniform light beam, therefore eliminating colour separation, which until now was an unfortunate setback of working with LEDs.

Lighthouse also exhibited the new sleek designed Helious, a 15 x 3 watt LED, and the Focus, which is a 3×3 Watt full colour LED. Both products are available in in-ground models and are IP68 rated. Lighthouse even put the Focus to the test by placing it in a water display for the duration of the show. Visitors also enjoyed meeting Franco Zaghini from DTS and Neil Rice from Optikinetics.

Lighthouse Distribution has a range of show specials, which have been extended to 29 February

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